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We offer a Conveyancing Bath Fixed Fee of £495 Inc of Tax whether leasehold or freehold, , and on a No Completion No Fee basis ! Call us on 01752 250821 for a quote or click below.

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We at Conveyancing Bath know that every client is vital to our existence and never takes this for granted. We value your custom treat you in a way that reflects this.


Our conveyancing is designed to give the public what it wants and in order to meet that need we offer speed, skill and experience, freindly easily accessible solicitors and highly competive pricing. Contact our conveyancing solicitors on 01752 250821.


We are a trading name of Fenwick Solicitors in Plymouth and offer fully trained solicitors of at least 15 years post qualification experience who not only handle your conveyancing but are able to see how any aspects of your matter can have a legal effect on other legal areas affecting you. If these issue come up in future you also do not need to change legal advisers. This allows you to keep all your legal affairs in one place.

Conveyancing Bath- Fees and Disbursement Breakdown

  • Purchase Conveyancing


    We'll help you find the conveyancing in Bath that's just right for you by answering a few quick questions. Within minutes you'll have a conveyancing Bath quote


    Why do you need conveyancing Bath? Well, Conveyancing Bath give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your property sale or purchase instead of worrying during what is one of the most stressful experiences for people.

    For only £495 Conveyancing Bath can give you the protection you need for a worry free conveyancing experience in Bath.


    We've made it really easy for you along with regular updates so you know what is happening at every stage of your conveyancing transaction. Conveyancing Bath can even get you unbeatable quotes so call us on 01752 250821


    It couldn't be easier, so let us help you find the right property for you.

  • Whilst sale conveyancing can cause anxiety until your sale is finalised, purchase conveyancing can even be more stressful. Conveyancing Bath ensure that you have the right property with adequate legal rights and protections.


    When you're comparing your conveyancing Bath quote with others, please realise that we make sure you can see at a glance how much you really spend- and Conveyancing Bath sticks to this.

  • Conveyancing Bath Helping you move

    • When you sell and purchase Conveyancing Bath synchronising both transaction to ensure that you are not left homeless or end up with two properties- for however short a periods.

    Experienced Property Solicitors

    • Let Conveyancing Bath handle your transaction with our skilled and experienced Bath conveyancers.

    Conveyancing Bath

    • Choose our conveyancing solicitors for speed skill and savings !

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    • We at Conveyancing Bath encourage contact with our clients as this delivers a better result which is in both our interests.

    Conveyancing Bath Wills and Trust Deeds

    • As a property owner it is vital that you have a valid up to date will to pass your property to your loved ones. We at Conveyancing Bath draft wills so that by completion you and your heirs are well protected.

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